Thursday, December 26, 2013

 I am still looking for that wonderful woman out there who would be willing to smoke More 120s when she's around me. Being with a woman enjoying such sensual pleasure would be amazing! I'm open to any age, and would be so happy to light my Lady's cigarettes and appreciate her smoking. Even though this isn't an entire relationship it's a great foundation for one. My beautiful smoking wife would know that she could capture my attention any time she cared to enjoy a More!
I can be emailed at, and hope to hear from a woman who enjoys smoking as much as I'd enjoy her doing it around me...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

There has to be a More lady out there somewhere...

I'll be posting posting amateur photos of  women smoking Mores here to show that I'm looking for an average lady, and not some "ideal" model type. I'm looking for a real person who happens to enjoy smoking More 120s and who doesn't mind someone loving her for it!

Seeing that special lady with a More is something I would always appreciate. She'd know that she could get me to do most anything by simply having a cigarette around me... knowing how thrilled I'd be and how much I'd want to be with her.

This interest has been with me for decades, so it's definitely something I'm not going to tire of, lol!
Hopefully someone nice will see this blog and email. You never know!

Friday, April 22, 2011

More 120s are still the sexiest cigarette... ;)

Yes, I'm still looking to meet and hopefully marry a woman who smokes More 120s.


Here's an example. Check out the photo of the lovely lady to the right. This is a random picture of an "average" girl... with a More 120.

With the simple act of lighting a More I think this woman has gone from "mild" to "wild." I honestly believe her choice of a MORE says so much...

First, it's a sign that she's into sensual pleasure. People who still smoke in these anti-smoking days are making a statement that they want what they want, and don't care what others think. What's not to love about a lady that's into sensuality?

Secondly, her choice of a More 120 means she doesn't mind being "different" and getting noticed. This girl is going to get looks, and she's okay with that. Being self assured and wanting to make a statement are also attractive traits. :)

Third, this lady is into the best. She could be smoking some hideous looking "off brand" to save money, instead she's invested in a quality, fashion cigarette. Who doesn't want a lady with a sense of quality and style?

As far as I'm concerned, this lady has gone from someone average that you might not even notice, to someone you'd want to meet. I'm hoping to find someone nice who's got this kind of style and attitude.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Starting my quest to find a More 120s woman...

Well, here I am. 45 years old, divorced, and thinking about what I've wanted since I was a young guy in the 1980's... meeting a sensual lady who has the style and elegance to smoke More 120's. 

Fewer people smoke these days, and long, dark More 120mm cigarettes are getting harder and harder to find. I know now I'll never "just meet" a sensual smoking lady... so I'm turning to the Internet to find a lady who wants to be cherished and adored.

Guess I'd better describe myself... I'm a business owner living in southern Maine. I'm average height and weight, intelligent, well read, love to travel and am pretty fun to be around. I am not a smoker myself. Perfectly normal except for my absolute love of seeing a woman smoke, most particularly More 120s!

Why do I love this? Well... smoking is a very sensual choice, done only for physical pleasure. It has become less acceptable, so only "bad girls" smoke. Smoking is a stylish behavior that basically says "I'm going to do what gives me pleasure, no matter who doesn't like it!"

When a woman lights a cigarette, she's giving herself pleasure... and she doesn't care who knows it. In fact, it's a "show off" pleasure... bowing smoke, gesturing with the long, slim cigarette... what can do more to attract attention?

I've always thought that women who smoke More 120s are the most sensual smokers... these dark, full flavor cigarettes are daringly different. I can't help but be attracted to that.

So aside from a woman who smokes, who am I looking to meet? A woman who is single, and looking for a relationship where she will be loved and appreciated. I'm out here looking for the reality behind the fantasy I've had all my adult life - and that's something I will treasure.

Your age isn't important. I'd like you to be at least of average looks, but other than that and your sensual smoking I don't have a "type" of woman I'm looking for. I'd love to be with someone who loves to travel, has a sense of humor, and enjoys having fun... I'm looking for a real person and want to get to know and appreciate YOU.

My only issue is that I own a business and really can't relocate. It would be ideal if you're in New England but if you're not, hopefully you'd be willing to visit and then relocate if things work out.

I'm not sure what else to say on a first post, except that I'm sane and serious. Just looking for a special lady I haven't had the opportunity to meet yet!